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Tina Simpson

Founder - Twisted Oak Holistic Health 

Reiki Master and Deep Tissue Massage Practitioner

Twisted Oak Holistic Health was born from a vision that Tina had upon being attuned to Reiki. 

The experience was so powerful she shares her story here:

Feeling energy for the first time was such a mind-blowing experience. I had heard of people talking about energy but I had no idea that the experience could be so tactile. My first thought was WHY DOESN"T EVERYONE KNOW ABOUT THIS? 

From this moment on, I began my own holistic health journey - learning about my own body. I learned what it felt like to start to make decisions that would benefit my body. I didn't want to change my life completely overnight. I took my time, listened to my bodies reactions about certain things, starting with alcohol and sugar, and I slowly reduced these to a level that I felt that my body was happy with. From here I learned more about movement and stretching and the best part was that I could do most of my own self care from the comfort of my own home, on my own time.

I had two crazy experiences with the medical industry after this, both of which would have led me down a path of prescriptions and pain. My first was that I had early onset osteoporosis in my spine. I was in so much pain I could barely move and I couldn't sleep through the night. I was given a Cortisone shot for the pain, and told to take Robaxacet and Advil to sleep. I would have to return every few months to repeat the injection. I can't even imagine where I would be today had I taken that advice. I chose to use that first cortisone shot to propel myself into exercise. The long term plan I chose to commit to 2 personal training sessions a week to strengthen my core, and taking natural supplements to make sure my body was getting the nutrients it needed to perform optimally  - I am currently pain free.

The next experience was with the Mirena IUD. I had a fluid build up on my brain - a reaction to the hormones, that resembled a tumour, and I started having pseudo seizures. I told the medical industry that something was wrong and the answer was "Well it certainly is neurological, just let us know if it gets worse". My husband realized that my symptom onset coincided with this IUD and I got it removed. The doctor was sure that it was simply a coincidence. My symptoms ceased immediately after removal.

From this point forward I have not looked back. The medical system is amazing for people who are in crisis, but the onus of our own health lays on no other than ourselves. You DON'T have to completely change. Make small incremental changes and explore your bodies needs with curiosity and a sense of adventure. Explore different ways of thinking, new experiences and give your body the love it deserves. 

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